New River Catawba


Tribal Government

Tribal Council (Legislative Branch)

  1. Jamie P. Harris – Membership Coordinator: Duties as specified in Tribal By-Laws, Article 6, sections 1 and 2.  Also in charge of maintaining records, producing identification cards and an accurate roster. 
  1. Marc Snelling – Genealogist: Aimed at providing potential Member’s assistance in finding documentation required for membership. Maintaining and adding data to the Tribal Tree. Assisting the Membership Coordinator find the necessary documentation for admittance to the Tribe. 
  1. Seth A. Harris – Finance / Ambassador to other Tribes: As described in By-Laws, Article 18.
  1. Darlene Campbell – Oli’Ichi Tla Wilano Language Co-Ordinator: Establishes ways to present and teach our language to all members who are willing to learn. Maintain the “Language pages” on Tribal Social Media pages. Provide meaningful lessons and co-ordinate with Charles Thomas and the Native Language Project to produce on-line lessons to be presented at the Cultural Center. To provide focus words to be presented in the Newsletter.  To help with the creation of information for State and/or Federal recognition. Help maintain an updated Tribal website.
  1. Patricia Secord – Intertribal Communication and Welfare: In charge of producing a monthly newsletter.  This newsletter will be the key to keeping the whole Tribe informed on all developments within the tribe and to help the Tribal Culture Council person and Traditional Healer have an additional avenue to teach Traditions and Culture. This Council seat will also be charged with developing a committee to check on the welfare and well being of Tribe members. 
  1. Open Position – Public Relations and Communication:   Writing and releasing to the press and other Media outlets, developments within the Tribe, especially pertaining to recognition.  Press releases and media coverage for the Gathering and other noteworthy tribal activities. 
  1. Jamie P. Harris – Tribal Lead for Recognition / Historian: Charged with collecting and maintaining a historical record our tribe, both past and present.  Charged with writing up documentation for recognition. Will work closely with other Council members setting up a time table for recognition and assigning duties and task to ensure all information needed for recognition is submitted in a timely fashion.  
  1. Pam Lewis – Tribal Culture: Charged with providing opportunities and resources to help Tribe members reclaim aspects of our Cultural past, including traditions, spirituality, crafts, environmental awareness, etc. This person will be aided by the Tribal Traditional Healer. The Traditional Healers role will be to inform this Council member of time appropriate traditions and cultural facts as they have been taught. This person will also be responsible for directly teaching those things at Tribal meetings which have traditionally been the duty of the Traditional Healer. 
  1. Elaine M. Hill – Legal Advisor: Working along with the council and providing legal advice and council as needed.


Executive Branch

      ChiefJamie P. Harris – Duties and obligations as stated in Tribal By-Laws Article 8.     

      Vice Chief – Seth A. Harris – Duties and obligations as stated in Tribal By-laws Article 8.